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2023 Felt AR Advanced Ultegra Di2 Road Bike | Calderacycle

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Munshāt ‘Alī Āghā, Egypt

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2023 FELT AR ADVANCED ULTEGRA DI2 ROAD BIKE THE ALL-NEW AR he all-new AR is the bike you need if speed inspires and delights you. Whether you are in the hunt for PRs, segments, or Olympic gold, the AR is built to get you to your finish line. Not just faster but better in every way, the new AR is designed with performance in mind. We know that going fast isn't only about cheating the wind—though the AR doesn't disappoint on that front. It's also about keeping yourself fresher and more composed th...

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Munshāt ‘Alī Āghā, Egypt

Munshāt ‘Alī Āghā, Egypt
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